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Security officers protect people, property, data and other important assets. They also make a vital contribution to keeping our community safe. Professional security is an important investment. Security breaches due to poor service can be extremely costly. However professional security is not only prudent risk management: it is a competitive advantage that can help business and building owners attract and retain valued tenants and customers.

Springbok Security was born from 12 years’ experience of providing security services in South Africa. During these years the Directors developed a complete understanding of the process and business responsibility required to cover all risks and protect property and people proactively, effectively and efficiently.

Springbok believes that it has discovered during the last two years of understanding the UK market, it has the ability to demonstrate standards far higher than currently available manned guard security services.

Springbok Security prides itself on being professional, hard-working and a competitive company. We also have a unique and highly effective IT infrastructure and system which provides complete real time visibility, monitoring and reporting of all staff at all times.

Our overall goal is to become your effective business partner to take care of your on-going security needs.

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